Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Aren’t Employees Fun

Full service payroll to include all state and federal quarterly filings, W2s, 1099s. If you don’t currently have employees, but are contemplating the idea, we’ll even run a “fake” payroll for you based on wage and hours so you see real numbers and how they will affect your overall financial picture.

Did you know the IRS only allows $200 per year per employee in untaxed bonuses? We did. We know lots of little tidbits like this that help keep you out of trouble and on the right track.

Payroll Processing Services Include

  • Weekly, Biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly pay schedules
  • Online filing and payment of all tax liabilities
  • Online quarterly filings of all Federal and State reports
  • 401(k) / IRA contributions paid online to your preferred company
  • Direct Deposit
  • Tip reporting, miscellaneous deductions, insurance additions
  • Emailing of all pay stubs to all employees
  • Easy-to-read payroll summaries emailed to you with every run along with a detailed explanation of what taxes will debit and when so you can budget accordingly
  • Annual W2 filings
  • 1099 reporting and W9 monitoring
  • E-verify services
  • All employee forms emailed to you as necessary for free
  • Annual state and federal required postings to include labor laws and minimum wage notice/changes, emailed to all payroll clients for free to ensure you stay up-to-date and legal with the Dept of Labor.

We love processing payroll and helping clients stay clean and current, but we need to let you know that we do not process payroll unless you are a bookkeeping client. If you are looking strictly for payroll services, we’d be happy to refer you to a local company or an online service. If, however, you are interested in having us do your bookkeeping in conjunction with your payroll and have everything in one place, we’re happy to be of service.