About Checkmarks Bookkeeping

About Checkmarks Bookkeeping

Just the facts for you speed readers:

CheckMarks is:

  • Bonded and Insured
  • In private practice for almost 20 years
  • Based in Colorado with employees across the country
  • Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor
  • Xero Certified Advisor
  • Member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Proficient in Xcel, Bill.com, Freshbooks, Invoices2go, Receipt Bank, and many more
  • Looking for clients wanting to take the drudgery out of bookkeeping and have some fun. Who are interested in maximizing all forms of modern technology to become more efficient, thus freeing themselves from both paper and pencil-pushing to better pursue their bliss.

For those who need a bit more:

From doctors and dentists to restaurants and realtors. From plumbers and property managers to retail and remodelers – CheckMarks has worked with them all. And the true wonder of living in this day and age is that location is no longer an issue. It doesn’t matter if we’re in Colorado digging out from under a foot of snow and you’re basking on the beaches of Florida. Technology has made us all neighbors and enables us to provide optimal service regardless of geography. So if you’re in need of a professional bookkeeper and skill and expertise is more important than location, CheckMarks is the perfect solution.

Out of state, but still want that personal connection and need to see our faces? We’ll Skype or Zoom. Need peace of mind when sending sensitive files? We’ve got that covered. Hesitant or shy when it comes to new technology? We were once beginners, too, so there’s no need to be intimidated or embarrassed.

The important part is having your financials clean and organized so they’re actually useful and trustworthy, right? We believe in making bookkeeping and payroll as simple as possible and the details of how we receive the necessary data to accomplish this for you is easier than you might think and always done according to your comfort level.

About Julie Marks, Bookkeeper

About Julie Marks, Bookkeeper

For reasons I don’t fully understand, my web designer insists I stop talking shop and give you personal information about myself. (He’s thinks we’ll bond this way, I suppose…)

I was born and raised in Arizona (still have some clients there) lived a few years in Texas (have some clients there) and settled in Colorado in 2008. As for hobbies, well I own my own firm and as a probable business owner yourself you have undoubtedly learned we don’t have much free time. What time I do wrangle for myself is spent on the back of a motorcycle in Colorado’s beautiful mountains, scuba diving, or camping in those same mountains with my family. Been married for a few years now and have a few gray hairs to go along with it, but since I’ve earned every one of them I sport them as proudly as any self-respecting woman can.

I garden and I buy organic whenever possible – that’s just what you do when you live in Colorado. I recycle and enjoy the occasional margarita – because that’s what everyone should do.

All joking aside, folks, I make sure myself and my staff treat you with the utmost respect and provide you with the best quality of bookkeeping services possible. Wherever you’re located, whatever your needs, all I ask is for the opportunity to see how we can help ease the burden of business ownership.