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Don't be caught unprepared for your taxes!

Servicing Timnath, Windsor, Red Feather Lakes, Fort Collins and more throughout Colorado

In private practice for almost 20 years

Payroll Services, Bookkeeping Services, Tax Services<br/>Windsor, Fort Collins, Red Feather Lakes, CO

We're straightforward and believe in transparency.

Payroll Services, Bookkeeping Services, Tax Services<br/>Windsor, Fort Collins, Red Feather Lakes, CO

Desktop or cloud based, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Payroll Services, Bookkeeping Services, Tax Services<br/>Windsor, Fort Collins, Red Feather Lakes, CO

We Are Checkmarks Bookkeeping Services

Modern & Hip Bookkeeping Services
in Timnath, CO and also servicing Windsor, Red Feather Lakes, and Fort Collins, CO

We're Partners

It takes a Village

Whether it's better management and understanding of your business financials or simply freeing up your precious time, CheckMarks makes your goals a priority.

We're Cool Number Crunchers

Bookkeeping with Fun

We reap great satisfaction from clean ledgers and perfectly reconciled accounts. We don't try to understand why, we just go with it.

We're Professional

Small Town Service, Big-City Experience

Friendly and relatable while maintaining a strong sense of professionalism. This promises we'll both speak in terms you understand (often acting as interpreters of financial and IRS jargon) and deliver exceptional, personalized bookkeeping services.

We're Futuristic and Innovative

New-Age tech for Business in the tech-minded world

Gone are the days of a bookkeeper needing to pick up receipts every week. Gone are the days of needing an on-staff bookkeeper with hefty employment costs. We've scoured the web to make sure and stay on top of the most efficient methods to suit all needs. Whether cloud or software based, we can bring you into the New-Age we lovingly refer to as Techno-Bookkeeping.

Our Skills

A bevy of bookkeeping knowledge

Small Business Financial Services & Personal Financial Assistance

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Near Fort Collins, CO

Bookkeeping needs vary from person to person and business to business. For some, it's simple reconciliation of accounts to make sure all income and expenses are clean for tax-filing purposes. For others, it entails paying bills and invoicing clients. Some professions require job costing assistance to make sure they maintain a proper profit margin, while some just want to keep their personal finances organized for better house-hold budgeting.

With almost 20 years of experience and business ownership in Timnath and the Fort Collins, Windsor, & Red Feather Lakes, CO area, CheckMarks has an extensive bookkeeping background and the knowledge to assist both large and small. We've perfected the art breaking down those overwhelming tasks into manageable baby steps - done in such a manner as to keep the client sane and relaxed.

Although we may never be able to make tax time a happy time - we're bookkeepers, not magicians - we strive to take the stress and guess work out of the equation.

What We Do

Software Setup

The Adventure Begins

Desktop or cloud-based, we have solutions to meet your needs and are experienced with many different platforms.

Bookkeeping Services

Think of us as your CFO - Complete Financial Organizer.

Our services enable you to better manage your finances which lead to better management of your business. And with free, unlimited phone and email support, there's no reason to hesitate and reach out when assistance is needed. Don't own a business, but need help on the personal side? We do that, too.

Payroll Processing

Full service payroll to include all state and federal quarterly filings, W2s, 1099s. If you don't currently have employees, but are contemplating the idea, we'll even run a "fake" payroll for you based on wage and hours so you see real numbers and how they will affect your overall financial picture.

Flat Fee Pricing - Detailed Invoicing

We're straightforward and believe in transparency.

Easy, flat rate regardless of work performed. No extra charges for extra services. Pay only for the time spent on your file. Our invoices are detailed showing all services performed for duration of time billed. We're honest and straightforward and with almost 20 years experience, we're some of the most efficient around. Something to think about: if it takes you 5 hours to do what we can complete in 1, where is your time better spent??